///2019 Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tenere

2019 Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tenere

$24,349.00 Ride Away Price

 First released in 2010, this hugely
capable 1200cc long-distance
adventure bike has been designed to
take a rider across huge distances on
average roads in maximum comfort
 Equipped with a powerful twin-cylinder 1199cc engine delivering lashings of
low-end torque and instant roll-on acceleration. The super smooth riding
experience is enhanced by a rubber damped clutch and maintenance-free shaft
 Electronically adjustable suspension with 190mm travel front and rear allows
instant suspension adjustments on the move. The easy-to-operate system is
controlled by a multi-function handlebar-mounted switch. A total of 84
different settings are available to suit almost every road condition
 Two engine mapping options are on call via the D-Mode system. T (Touring)
mode delivers an easy running character, while S (Sport) mode offers
exhilarating performance for the open road. Cruise control is also fitted as
standard to help keep rider fatigue at bay
 The ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) ensures optimal
throttle response with a three-stage traction control system – including off
Key model features
 New Ceramic Ice colour scheme
 Powerful 1199cc twin-cylinder engine
 270-degree crank for strong low-end torque
 Unified Brake System (UBS) and ABS
 Shaft drive with clutch dampers and shaft dampers
 Electronically adjustable suspension
 12V charging socket
 Tough spoked aluminium wheels with tubeless tyres
 Traction control, cruise control and Yamaha D-mode
 LCD instrument panel

Product Description

2017 XT1200ZE Compact Parallel Twin

Compact Parallel Twin

One of this engine’s most interesting features is its 270° crankshaft and the superior traction this crank layout delivers. Because both cylinders fire closely together, traction is improved and the rider can better feel the grip at the rear tyre similar to that of a single cylinder. This technology was developed by Yamaha for use on its winning Dakar rally racers.

XT1200ZE adjustable suspension

Electronically Adjustable Suspension

The new system is operated by a multi-function handlebar switch, and allows the rider to select from four preload settings and three damping force settings, to give 12 main options. The system also offers the rider the opportunity to select from another 7 levels, and this easy-to-operate system offers a total of 84 fine tuning settings, all of them available at the flick of a switch.

XT1200ZE tough chassis

A tough chassis for a tough world

On the XTZ1200 the engine is mounted as a stressed member, and the frame is designed to reduce rider fatigue over long distances. Because riders are very sensitive to the location of the crankshaft, this frame locates the crankshaft low and very close to the foot pegs, lowering the centre of gravity. This makes the XTZ1200 feel lighter than it actually is and makes the bike easier to ride.

XT1200ZE ABS Brakes

ABS and unified braking system

The ABS / Unified Brake System unit allows the rider to operate both the front and rear brakes simultaneously by simply pulling the front brake lever. Data from wheel speed sensors at the front and rear wheels and the rider’s throttle work is used to calculate the various factors influencing the braking and automatically determine the proper amount of braking force for the rear wheel. This system also helps prevent the front and rear wheels from locking on slippery surfaces.

XT1200ZE Traction Control

Adjustable traction control

To reduce rider workload in the rough stuff, the XTZ1200 is fitted with traction control. Both wheels are fitted with speed sensors. When the rear wheel spins faster than the front, the sensor signals the ECU to adjust the YCC-T throttle, ignition timing and fuel injection to control the power delivery to the rear wheel. The traction control feature has three modes: OFF, TCS1 and TCS2, allowing the rider to adjust according to road conditions, skill level and personal preferences.

Shaft Drive

Shaft drive with Hypoid gear

In order to achieve a high level of reliability in a variety of conditions, a low-maintenance shaft drive unit is adopted. This shaft drive unit is the first on a Yamaha motorcycle to use what is called a hypoid gear. This compact-design unit helps to reduce un-sprung weight and mechanical noise as well, while contributing to excellent running stability.

Side mounted radiator

Side Mounted Radiator

Allows a more compact design and aids mass centralisation for improved handling, an innovation that shortens the machine. The result is a slim and compact motorcycle with a short wheelbase that can easily negotiate narrow trails and streets.


Engine Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 valve, forward-inclined parallel 2-cylinder with YCCT + traction control
Displacement (cc) 1199.0
Bore x Stroke (mm) 98.0 X 79.5
Compression Ratio 11.0 : 1
Lubrication System Dry Sump
Engine Management EFI, YCC-T, Traction Control, D-MODE
Fuel Management Fuel Injection
Ignition TCI
Starter System Electric
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 23.0
Final Transmission Shaft drive with hypoid gear design
Transmission Constant mesh 6-speed

Frame Type Steel tube backbone
Suspension Front Telescopic forks, 190mm travel
Suspension Rear Swingarm (link suspension), 190mm travel
Brakes Front Hydraulic dual discs, 310mm, ABS, Unified Braking System
Brakes Rear Hydraulic single disc 282mm, ABS, Unified Braking System
Tyres Front 110/80 R19 M/C 59V Tubeless
Tyres Rear 150/70R17M/C 69V Tubeless

Length (mm) 2255
Width (mm) 980
Height (mm) 1410 / 1470
Seat Height (mm) 845 / 870
Wheelbase (mm) 1540
Ground Clearance (mm) 190
Wet Weight (kg) 265