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Yamaha has revealed an all-new 2021 MT-09 aimed at reinforcing dominance in the Hyper Naked category. Lighter, more powerful and more technologically advanced in every area, this dynamic new motorcycle is the purest expression of the core values that make the MT range such a huge hit. The new model will be available from February 2021

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Yamaha has revealed an all-new 2021 MT-09 aimed at reinforcing dominance in the Hyper Naked category. Lighter, more powerful and more technologically advanced in every area, this dynamic new motorcycle is the purest expression of the core values that make the MT range such a huge hit. The new model will be available from February 2021

The original MT-09 distilled the essence of motorcycling when it arrived in 2013. In 2018 the second generation model was introduced with new styling that assured the continued success of
this iconic model. The all-new 2021 MT-09 is an even higher specification motorcycle that is lighter, more powerful and more advanced in every area. Equipped with class-leading electronic control technology and top level equipment – the all-new MT-09 offers the ultimate package with supreme bang-perbuck. New 889cc CP3 engine: More capacity, power, torque, feedback, control… and fun A key factor in the runaway success of the MT-09 is the exciting performance of its CP3 threecylinder crossplane technology engine. After eight years of providing the most exciting and rewarding riding experience, the time has come for a new design that delivers higher levels of power and torque at all engine speeds. To achieve a more torquey and agile feel the 2021 EU5-compliant engine has been completely redesigned and reduced in weight. Virtually every major component is new, including pistons, connecting rods, camshafts and crankcases, and despite its larger capacity and higher power output, the 2021 powerplant – including the new exhaust – is 1700g lighter than the current design.
Engine capacity is enlarged to 889cc by increasing the bore size by 3mm, and the extra 42cc boosts maximum horsepower by 4PS to 119PS at 10,000rpm. However, the most significant improvement is the increased torque output. Maximum torque on the new engine is 93 Nm, and peak torque is achieved at only 7000rpm – a full 1500rpm lower down the rev scale.
Higher levels of linear torque at lower engine speeds increase the real world performance of the new MT-09 by enabling the rider to fully access available power at everyday riding speeds. The
new big-torque 889cc engine makes a real difference – and together with its new up and down Quick Shift System, the 2021 MT-09 is the main contender for top honours in the 900cc Hyper
Naked category. New fuel delivery system: Strong torque and power with increased economy One of the key design features in the new 889cc engine is the completely new fuel delivery
system. While the current MT-09 features its fuel injectors attached directly to the cylinder head, on the all-new model the fuel injectors are mounted to the throttle valve side, and fuel is
injected onto the back of the intake valve heads. This system gives better fuel atomisation and reduces the adhesion of fuel to the intake port
walls. This new system produces outstanding combustion efficiency and contributes towards the new model’s 9% increase in fuel efficiency.
New APSG ride-by-wire throttle: Lower weight, excellent feel The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) is upgraded for 2021 with the addition of a new Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG). Similar to the unit featured on the YZF-R1 and R1M and equipped with model-specific friction and throttle opening settings, this lightweight ride-by-wire system replaces the previous model’s pulley set-up to give excellent feel and reliability.
New intake and exhaust systems: enhanced sense of torque and acceleration The all-new 889cc engine is equipped with a redesigned high-efficiency air intake system and a newly designed exhaust designed to enhance the sense of acceleration and torque. Newly designed stainless steel header pipes each have a different curvature to create an excellent pulse effect, and with tail pipes exiting on both the left and right sides, the rider feels the intoxicating roar in full stereo mode. Featuring a new design incorporating left/right symmetrical tail pipes, the lightweight exhaust system is 1400g lighter than previous, and has been specifically tuned to create an enhanced feeling of torque when the rider is accelerating from a stop or powering out of a low-speed
corner. As engine speed increases the intake sound becomes more dominant and heightens the feeling of acceleration. The new intake system is specifically designed to further enhance the MT-09’s torque-rich riding sensation. This has been achieved by equipping the high-efficiency air cleaner box with an all-new three duct layout, with each duct featuring a different cross section and
Optimised transmission and uprated A&S clutch: Smoother and easier To match the 2021 model’s increased engine performance the transmission has been optimised by slightly raising the ratios on first and second gears. Plus a new shift fork is fitted for improved gear shifts. To handle the increased torque the A&S clutch uses a new material for its friction plates, and the cam angle is changed to give a lighter pull at the lever, together with even gentler chassis behaviour when downshifting. Die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis: Lighter, stronger, more agile
The 2021 MT-09 has been improved in every area – headlined by an all-new lightweight CF diecast aluminium Deltabox chassis that has been developed in unison with the larger capacity
889cc high-torque engine.
Yamaha’s CF technology has enabled the thinnest wall section on any Yamaha Die Cast frame ever. Featuring larger twin beams that run directly from the steering head assembly through to
the swingarm pivot to give optimal strength, the newly-designed aluminium frame, subframe and swingarm are 2.3kg lighter than the previous chassis, making a significant contribution
towards the increased agility of the 2021 MT-09. For enhanced handling characteristics, the frame’s longitudinal, lateral and torsional rigidity balance has been refined, with a 50% increase in lateral rigidity providing high levels of straight line stability.
To match the more compact frame and shorter front forks the head pipe position is lowered by 30mm, giving an increased feeling of front end grip when cornering, together with improved levels of rider feedback. Handling agility is also enhanced with a new CF die-cast aluminium subframe that is 1.5kg lighter than the previous model’s steel design. High-rigidity swingarm: Lower weight, better stability Compared to the current design which has a banana shaped right section, the new 250g lighter aluminium swingarm has a much straighter right side for a more symmetrical appearance that complements the next generation body design. To achieve better stability when cornering and also riding in a straight line, the 2021 swingarm pivot is mounted between the frame structure, rather than the pivots being mounted on the outside of the frame as before. This new swingarm design reduces unsprung weight, and complements the revised
rigidity balance of the new frame.

Technical highlights
• New 889cc inline 3-cylinder 4-valve DOHC liquid-cooled EU5 engine
• More power at all engine speeds
• 7% increase in maximum torque at lower rpm
• 4PS increase in maximum power

• New 2.3kg lighter CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis

• Lower 189kg wet weight – 4kg reduction and the lightest in 900cc naked class
• Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling
• New lightweight aluminium swingarm
• Bare and beautiful coverless new generation MT styling
• Premium quality throughout, with Crystal Graphite frame finish
• Full LED lighting with Y-shape brand signature icon front and rear
• New Quick Shift System with up and downshift functions
• Refined A&S clutch
• Light and compact new 6-axis IMU
• Lean-sensitive rider aids: TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention modes ABS
and Brake Control system (BC)
• D-MODE switchable engine running modes
• New ultra-light Spin Forged 17-inch 10-spoke wheels
• Larger 180/70-17 rear tyre with 120/70-17 front tyre
• Fully adjustable KYB 41mm USD forks with revised settings
• Adjustable KYB rear shock with revised settings
• Full colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments with remote handlebar switch
• Radial front master cylinder, 298mm dual front discs


The new MT-09 is the first Yamaha Hyper Naked model to be equipped with a high-tech 6-axis IMU, one of the most sophisticated pieces of electronics in the industry. Developed from the system used on the YZF-R1 since 2015, the 6-axis IMU on the new MT-09 is 50% smaller and 40%
lighter thanks to a thorough review of the sensor layout.
Constantly measuring acceleration, pitch, roll and yaw, the 6-axis IMU is able to send data in realtime to the ECU which controls the electronic rider aids. The class-leading array of rider aids includes lean sensitive Traction Control System (TCS), Slide Control System (SCS) as well as a front wheel lift control system (LIF) and Brake Control system (BC).

The TCS has three switchable modes, and each mode integrates three of the rider support
systems, meaning that the intervention levels are all changed at once in Modes 1 and 2. Mode 1
delivers moderate intervention, while Mode 2 gives strong intervention and Mode M enables the
rider to select manual settings.
By preventing wheel lock-ups and slides, as well as wheel spin and wheelies, these electronic aids
reduce the workload of the rider, allowing full concentration on the road ahead.

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