Product Description

Bike was sold and customer thought it was to big so why cant you save some $$$. Has a topbox rack fitted. also has a trickle charger fitted. Great bike. Work-life balance is an equation that we all struggle to solve. But help has just arrived in the shape of the XMAX 300. Equipped with motorcycle-type forks and high wheels, the compact chassis gives you agile sports handling with business class comfort – while the powerful and efficient new Blue Core engine has all the performance you need for fast commuting or weekend escapes. Its sporty bodywork is built using pure MAX DNA for dynamic looks, and with a generous underseat storage for two full-face helmets as well as ABS and a Traction Control System fitted as standard, the XMAX 300 is built to give you what you need: MAX fun with MAX practicality. Add an X to the equation and release the power to make every day easier, simpler and more enjoyable.

Transmission CVT Engine

Registration Plate EAA01

New South Wales Registration Expiry 24/09/2020

Odometer 399

Base Colour silver